Hygiene consumables for workplaces

Higher hygiene standards for aged care, entertainment and education

Our products enable you to maintain higher hygiene standards wherever you work.

We’re constantly refining and improving our range to serve the hygiene needs of facilities around Australia.

Our range covers items from cleaning chemicals, washroom paper and protective wear through to guest amenities and cleaning equipment.


Our range covers products from detergents, disinfectants and odour control to general kitchen, bathroom and laundry cleaning supplies.

Our range includes all supplies needed at any washroom or sanitising station including hand wash, sanitiser and moisturiser through to disposable gloves, shoe covers and personal care products.


Choose from our extensive range of cost-effective plastic trays, dispensary cups, foam or foil containers, cutlery, napkins, table covers, paper plates and cups and much more.

Our wide range of portion-controlled food, spreads and beverages provides your guests with choice, while assisting property managers to manage budget and reduce wastage. We also stock guest amenities such as shampoos, conditioners, hand and body lotions, gels, body washes and soaps.

Our range includes disability aids, first aid and clinical supplies through to cutlery, serving tools, trolleys, mops and glassware.

Ask how we can help improve your consumable supply today.


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