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Hygiene consumable supply for

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Hygiene consumable supply for

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Your trusted partner

Veridia supplies and services hygiene consumable packages to facility managers across a variety of service industries. We enable facilities managers and procurement officers to be more productive with less effort. Our exceptional reporting, templates and training give you the confidence of knowing that you are compliant, and that your organisation’s replenishment requirements are in safe hands.

We help with:

  • Supply certainty: You can rest easy, with our consistency of service and regular supply cycles.
  • Experience and consumer insights: Our staff have years of accumulated experience, and we put this to work to provide the best outcomes for our customers.
  • Replenishment management: We do regular stocktakes and help you manage item availability – so you can focus on what matters most.
  • Service excellence: Our supply packages are not complete without the highest standard of customer service.

Industries we serve:

When you are caring for the frail and elderly, their hygiene and comfort is not negotiable.

Whether you are running a café or managing procurement for a stadium, you want a reliable supply partner for all your consumables.

Schools, universities and other institutions present their own hygiene challenges – and we have them all covered.

Our Products

We’re constantly refining and improving our range to serve the hygiene needs of facilities around Australia.

Our range covers items from cleaning chemicals, washroom paper and protective wear through to guest amenities and cleaning equipment.


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